Welcome to Cape Town Multi Service Centre
The Cape Town Multi-Service Centre was established on 1 September 2004 to provide a much needed service for street children, youth, and their families in Cape Town.

The Multi Service Centre was a project under the auspices of Cape Town City Mission, a registered NPO 002-911, until end of January 2007. The Cape Town Multi Service Centre started operating independently as of the 1st of February 2007, NPO 057-315.
The organizational structure consist of Board Members, General Manager, a registered social worker, community development worker, a social auxiliary worker, an administrative worker, house parents and a general worker. The community development workers works in the communities identify youth and children that are on the street and that are in need of services that the Cape Town Multi Service Centre such as reunification services, prevention and early intervention services ect. The 4th sentence where there stands shelter must be replaced by the a child and youth care facility. The Cape Town Multi-Service Centre is registered to accommodate 30 boys between the ages of 10-18yrs. Every child must be placed at the shelter via the children court reference to the Child Care Act 74 of 1983 as amended.
Our Programmes
Community Contact Office
The Cape Town Multi-Service Centre has identified that most children beg on the street for survival and return back to their community of origin at night. The other group of street children continues to live on the street for various reasons. The dire need to work within the individual's community of origin thus became imperative. Therefore the Cape Town Multi Service Centre has launched 3 community pilot offices in Clarke Estate, Netreg and Kalksteenfontein. This programme allowes for availability and accessibility to the community affected directly or indirectly by cycle street children.
Change a life today
There are many ways in which you can help The Safeline Child Abuse Treatment and Prevention Centre build a more caring society for families and make a real differens in the lives of our children. One of which is by becoming a sponsor through our Debit Order System or through direct payment into our bank account.