about us

The Cape Town Multi Service Centre, Child and Family Care & Early Childhood Development Centre (CTMSC) was established on 1 September 2004 to facilitate programmes and projects for street children, youths, and their families. It is a Non Profit Organisation (NPO) registered with the Western Cape Government. CTMSC is subsidized by the Department of Social Development as a Child and Youth Centre (CYCC) for 30 boys aged 10 to eighteen

Every child must be placed at the CYCC by the Children’s Court with reference to the Children’s Act, Act 38 of 2005 and Regulations. The Commissioner of Child Welfare (Magistrate at a Children’s Court) will then determine, according to the investigation and recommendations of the Social Workers’ report, what is in the child’s best interest.

If it is in the child’s best interest to be placed at a CYCC, then the “outside” Social Worker will request the CTMSC Social Worker for a vacancy in order to place the child. If it is in the child’s best interest to be placed at a CYCC, then the “outside” Social Worker will request the CTMSC Social Worker for a vacancy in order to place the child.

The CYCC is currently staffed by a Director, a registered Social Worker, three Child Care Workers, an Office Administrator, a Bookkeeper, a Driver and two Kitchen Staff. CTMSC also employs three Community Development Workers operational in Netreg, Kalksteenfontein and Clarke Estate. CTMSC staff works holistically with the children in need of care, together with their families, communities, schools and various organizations in the bigger Cape Town Metropole.

Cape Town Multi Service Centre has placed great emphasis on the community as we have discovered that most children beg on the street for survival and return to their community of origin at night. We have therefore moved our services to the communities, to be available to families within the child’s community of origin. This will allow the community to participate in the healing journey of the child, thus creating a self-reliant community that accepts accountability.

Every child is unique and so too are the many challenges faced, which differ from child to child. The challenges that have been identified are often a result of poverty, which causes a number of social ills in the communities. The living conditions of the child often reveal homes that are either overpopulated or those that are run by only a single parent. In many cases households are child-headed. Other challenges faced include early school drop-out, peer pressure, lack of family involvement, both parent/adult and child substance abuse, domestic violence, failure of foster care placements, etc.

When rendering preventative and early intervention services in different communities our main focus is to reunify the child with his or her family. The family is then referred to the Social Work Agency in the child’s community. It has been found that many children soon return to the streets. Cape Town Multi Service Centre believes that family reunification is an ongoing process. It is impossible to return a child to a dysfunctional family or to place a child with behavioural problems into a healthy family. Therefore, to ensure a successful reunification process, CTMSC treats the child holistically. Further to this process would be that boys are referred to our residential facility pending finalization of the proceedings of the Children’s Court.

Our Vision:

Our ideal is to help each person to live to their full potential with dignity and to help them to be fully equiped with the skills required for healthy living. We strive to imbue moral values through basic education so that each imdividual can partake in society as a whole person and as a family

Our Mission:

To assist treet children and their families to participate in their own development in order to become self-reliant, and make services accessible, available and affordable to vulnerable families in the communities who are affected by poverty.