Volunteers are very important to Cape Town Multi Service, Child and Family Care & ECD Centre. The organisation welcomes volunteers and support staff to add value to the services of the centre.

  1. Outreach programmes: CTMSC is able to give students a perspective on the reality of daily life for the children placed at the Child and Youth Care Centre and those who are still at risk in their respective communities.
  2. The Assessment and referral: Social Work Students are given the opportunity to make use of the organisation’s structures to do their practical placements.
  1. The community:: The volunteers visit the Vrolike Groepe Play School every Thursday.

3.1. Mr Kapp, a teacher at Maitland High School,was recently elected to serve on the Board of Governors at CTMSC. He visits Cape Town Multi Service Centre every Thursday to motivate our boys, despite their unique and perhaps troublesome past, always to try their best. He further assists our children with their homework and school assignments and, most important, act as a positive male role-model to our boys.

3.2. CTMSC is privileged to have a number of people involved and assisting with our 4/5 year old children at our two Play Schools situated at Netreg and Clarke Estate.

3.3. Simeon, who owns Zion Clothing and Skate Shop in Observatory, along with his partner Hayley, host workshops on traditional T-shirt screen-printing to some of the older boys. Others help to shape wood into long boards/skateboards, as well as balance boards. Zion encourages the children from the centre to excel in their schooling, using skating as a means of occupying them and away from negative influences.

3.4. Holiday parents: The organisation welcomes families that are interested to act as holiday parents to children who are unable to be placed with family during the June/December school holidays.